Larger than Life. Living in grand style. Living every moment as if it were the last, in every sense. This is BVLGARI's style – the Italian way that never loses its intimacy or the sincerity that signifies elegance. It is the ability to savor each day, a quality known to many as the Dolce Vita. Taking everything in, savoring each breath, indulging in everything. Living over and over again with the conviction of having never loved enough. Larger than Life. Lily Aldridge, a sun-kissed Mediterranean beauty, embodies the magnetism of BVLGARI, conveying a charisma and sensuality that render her into the ultimate muse. The Bulgari campaign was shot in the Eternal City, and Lily calls it fabulous and profoundly Italian. All of the chosen locations were in the ancient heart of the city with a view of the Vatican, immediately making her feel like star out of La Dolce Vita. ""I’m proud to be a part of this world and at the heart of such a legendary luxury brand.” Discover more: http://www.bulgari.com/int/larger-than-life