http://www.AllSurfaceRenew.com A sink crack can ruin the beautiful look of any vanity - especially one that's practically new. Not only does the look suffer - but a sink crack can also allow water to leak through and damage the cabinet underneath the sink. Bathroom vanity tops are usually made of laminate, tile, cultured marble, synthetic marble, corion, silestone, or other materials: and by far the most common is the cultured marble vanity top with integrated sink. This video shows you a perfect example of this issue. This homeowner lives in the Northwest part of Austin and his home is only 5 five years old. One day he was brushing his teeth and looked down into the sink bowl and much to his horror, there was a split in the side of the sink. He did what he knew best - went to the auto parts store and bought some black epoxy glue stick and patched up the sink crack. The repair works just fine - it keeps the water out, but the color and texture is just horrible. He had considered just replacing the vanity altogether, and getting a similar one with a double bowl sink, but the size he needed was going to fall under a custom size and therefore cost him over $1214.75, plus the new wood vanity that the store wanted to sell him. He looked around for a sink repair service and got in touch with us to have more options.. We took a look at the hole/crack in the bathroom vanity and found that it was repairable. We come back the following day to do the work on the cracked sink. We'll be repairing the cracked area, smoothing out the area and then resurfacing the entire sink bowls and vanity top to a new, uniform stone-finish color so that everything matches. Refinishing in a solid color or trying to just spot color match the sink would not be a wise choice for this project - it would end up looking like a "patch" and we want the homeowner to have an excellent job. We get to work on removing old silicone and acrylic caulking on the vanity, cleaning the surface and then treating the entire countertop and sink surface - so that the new surface we apply will bond properly and evenly throughout. At this point we start to work on the crack - smoothing out the epoxy that won't come off and removing the epoxy that is not bonded well. The process is a bit cumbersome but very important to the end result. The repair not only needs to look good, but be durable and long lasting as well. After we've completed this and re-inspected the area, final touches are made and the bathroom mirror, wall paint, floors, and doors are covered and masked, and an extractor fan set up temporarily. This ensures a more professional result. We then spray-apply the adhesion "primer", the chosen stone color, and then a sealer on the countertop and sink. The surface is heat, scratch, water, and stain resistant and is easy to care for - very similar to the current countertop/sink. The crack is taken care of, and in the process, the surface looks much more up-to-date that the plain white color they had. The homeowner and his wife are impressed with the final result and glad that they avoided the expense of having to replace the countertops. Do you have a cracked or chipped sink or countertop in your bathroom? It's probably repairable. If you're in or near Austin TX, give us a call for fast and friendly help with your issue. 512-788-0027